About Toliver Works

Cynthia Toliver, the award-winning executive chef/owner has been creating scrumptious dishes for more than 30 years. She previously ran the celebrated restaurant, The Welcome Mat,  and catering service, International Cuisine by Cynthia,  on Valencia Street, San Francisco in a neighborhood now known as ‘Restaurant Row'.

Under her stewardship, the restaurant grew a healthy following and received favorable reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle and local neighborhood papers.

Cynthia has traveled throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, visiting local farmer markets on the East and West coasts,  and learned how to cook a variety of vegetables from different parts of the world by asking the locals "How do you cook that?" - experimenting on her own, to delightful results!  There is nothing more satisfying than when an older patron tells her, "This is just like my mother used to make."

The chef/owner has conducted recipe testing in Caracas, Venezuela. In New York and California she has led training sessions for home and industrial cooks, undertook menu planning and written and conducted recipe testing for seasonal cookbooks.

The mission of ToliverWorks is to provide tasty, creative and affordable food fare of high quality from local sources.  Their soups are reknown for freshness, taste and creativity. Try some today!

ToliverWorks: Locally sourced and made with Love and Affection!

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